Recent Before & After Photos

Power washing brick driveway in Fort Worth TX.

Months of foot traffic and driving over this paved entrance left this Fort Worth businesses brick looking dingy and gray. SERVPRO of East Fort Worth was called ... READ MORE

House fire in Dallas Tx.

When and fire effects your home it's never expected, and often neither is the amount of damage that can be done in a short amount of time. This home in Dallas ... READ MORE

Refrigerator Mold Removal

This fridge was covered with mold after being unplugged and stored by it's owners. Even with it having been emptied and wiped down, humid conditions can still a... READ MORE

Outdoor kitchen fire in Irving Tx.

Summer means, food, family and outdoor fun, camping and cookouts are a great way to spend time together but open flames need to be tended frequently and stay co... READ MORE

Roof leak leads to moldy store.

A Leak in this shops roof that went undiscovered for some time spread through their ceiling, dampening insulation and ceiling tiles allowing mold to begin to gr... READ MORE

Rain floods greenhouse leaving a muddy mess

While the plants in this local greenhouse probably loved all the rain, the workers did not love the mess it left behind. Strong storms destroyed glass ceiling p... READ MORE

Storm shatters windows at Fort Worth Building

Talk about cleaning with a view. Recent storms and high winds sent patio chairs flying right into the windows and glass balconies of this Omni Residential build... READ MORE

Ceiling leak turns to mold

A small hole in the roof after a storm, allowed moisture inside a Bedford homes attic space allowing Mold to grow. Every mold damage scenario is different, and ... READ MORE

second story water leak creates hole in ceiling.

An upstairs water heater sprung a leak flooding the upstairs of this Fort Worth home, permeating the floor and eventually caught the soaked downstairs ceiling t... READ MORE

Rain water flooded offices

Recent rains flowed down walkways and sidewalks up to the door of this local professional center, seeping under doors and into hallways and offices leaving them... READ MORE