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Back to school emergancy plan

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

No one ever likes to think that an emergency could happen to them, but the reality is that disaster can strike anytime, anywhere, including while your child is at school. Even if you never need a family emergency plan, it’s best to be prepared with one just in case. Having a solid plan in place will give you everyday peace of mind, and, in the event of an emergency, could save lives.

Be sure to go over with your child who is on your list of people that can be contacted to pick them up from school in case of an emergency. They should know this person, how to contact them by phone and what their vehicle looks like when they arrive to pick them up. 

Make sure your child's school is kept up to date on who you allow to pick up your child. They'll need correct contact information and sometimes a form of identification for their records so they can give out any materials needed to indicate the designated pick up area. 

In the event someone cannot be reached by phone, make sure you set up a designated meet point with your child if alternative transportation has to be set up. They should know where to meet you, their current address and phone number so that they can accurately tell authorities how to get them safely home and to contact you. 

Back to school cleaning.

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Back to school means it's time to clean up after all those summer activities finally.

With the kids preparing to go back to school it's time for you to prepare for a quieter house.

It's the perfect time to deep clean your home and remove any stains from carpets, furniture or walls that might have occurred during summer break or from the cleaning you'd been planning since last summer.

From the carpets to the air ducts our skilled technicians here at SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth have the expertise to clean it all. Schedule an appointment today For a cleaning backed by state-of-the-art equipment, over 40 years of experience and Professionals trained to the highest standards, so that all the dirt you can see, and the dirt hiding under the surface can be swept away leaving a cleaner, healthier and fresh smelling home.

The holiday season is fast approaching. Don't wait till the last minute to schedule that cleaning before the in laws arrive.

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Water Damage from Sprinkler Systems

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Installing a fire ire sprinkler system offers reliable and affordable fire protection to your Fort Worth commercial properties. Not only do sprinkler systems save lives and prevent property losses from fires, but also save millions of dollars to business owners by way of tax deductions, code and ordinance compliance, insurance savings, and the ability to continue business as usual.

But for as beneficial as sprinkler systems may be in reducing harm caused by a fire, the downside is the damp mess left behind after an incident

Is the damage worth it?

To prevent a fire from spreading and causing widespread damage, if not a total loss, the sprinkler systems springs into action as soon as a fire is detected. This typically occurs during the “flash over” stage, or when the fire transitions from the “growing” stage to the last stage–a fully developed fire. Sprinkler systems can address the specific area of the fire, preventing the spread.

This may seem as though you are trading one catastrophe for another–a flood versus a fire; but the reality is properly functioning sprinkler systems are designed to reduce the amount of water used to put out the fire. In fact, a sprinkler system may use hundreds of gallons of water to douse a fire, while firefighters will use thousands.

Sprinkler System Water Damage

With that said, any water used indoors means you are left with a moisture problem that needs to be addressed, and quickly. Sprinkler system water damage can include: wet drywall, carpeting, and other building materials; not to mention the furniture and contents that will be affected, and standing water left behind.

The first step after an incident is to make sure all water damage is addressed as soon as possible. The longer water sits inside the worse off all the effected materials will be. SERVPRO of East Fort Worth's skilled and trained technicians can assess the existing water damage and develop a strategy to return your property back to its original condition making it "Like it never even happened"

A general idea of what to expect can include.

  • Clearing out possessions: To avoid further damage to possessions made from wood, cloth, or other porous surfaces, they will be removed from the property and stored in a safe place until ready to return. Some items may need to be replaced depending on the level of damage and whether or not they are able to be restored.
  • Removing the water: Water extraction equipment, dehumidifiers, and air movers are used to remove water efficiently and effectively.
  • Drying the area: Similar to removing the water, dehumidifiers and fans will be used to help make sure everything is thoroughly dry, in order to avoid growth from forming.
  • Repairing: When water damage ruins materials beyond repair or leaves permanent stains on carpeting and upholstery, restoring the property may require construction or additional cleaning services.

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Full Service

5/24/2019 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth, we’re not only local and 24/7; we’re a full service company. “Here to Help” take your home from start to finish as our skilled technicians keep you informed every step of the way.

We have the training and skills not only to handle the damages to your home but to take care of your belonging, speak to your adjuster, and rebuild once the cleanup is done.  We want our customers to have the peace of mind in knowing that they won’t have to interview and be in contact with a plethora of vendors to handle their loss. SERVPRO can handle it all!

SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth 

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Memorial Day

5/24/2019 (Permalink)

This Memorial Day, we honor, celebrate and remember the heroes who have sacrificed for our freedoms.

Our office will be closed in observance of the holiday so our crews can spend time with their families. However SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth is always "Here to Help" if we're needed calls will still be taken and emergency services are available to those in need. 

SERVPRO of East Fort Worth

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Happy Mothers Day!

5/12/2019 (Permalink)

Happy Mother's day from SERVPRO!

Why does it seem like moms are always cleaning? Juice and dirt on the carpet, crayon on the walls, or stains on the sofa. Let her kick back while someone else does the work this Mother's Day.

SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth has the expertise to provide a deeper clean than your basic house cleaning service. Our residential cleaning services  create a safe, clean and comfortable living environment for you and your family. So Treat your mother to a home that's cleaned from top to bottom this mothers day. 

You know SERVPRO as a leader in Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration, but our professional residential cleaning services can also make a dirty carpet "Like it never even happened."

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When was the last time you cleaned your ducts?

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the duct work of your home or business.

If your HVAC has been operating for some time without attention, it could be circulating one or more of the following:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Odors
  • Dirt and debris
  • Other contaminants

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling a home is wasted. Contaminants in the heating and cooling system cause it to work harder and shorten the life of your system. Although filters are used, the heating and cooling system still gets dirty through normal use.

When an HVAC system is clean, it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature you desire. As a result, less energy is used, leading to improved cost-effectiveness.

In addition to normal accumulations of dust and dirt found in all homes with air ducts, there are several other factors that can increase the need for regular HVAC system cleaning:

  • pets
  • occupants with allergies or asthma
  • cigarette or cigar smoke
  • water contamination or damage to the home or HVAC system
  • home renovation or remodeling projects

Some occupants are more sensitive to these contaminants than others. Allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as young children and the elderly tend to be more susceptible to the types of poor indoor air quality that air duct cleaning can help address.

SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth Professionals routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC).  Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can in turn save you money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

For more information on HVAC and air duct cleaning, call us today, (817) 293-5553

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Happy Easter from SERVPRO of East Fort Worth!

4/21/2019 (Permalink)

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weather! The wildflowers are in bloom and the Easter bunny is on it's way! 

If you haven't already prepped and colored your eggs for today SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth would like to help get that perfect shade of green or orange today. 

If you're using food coloring

Our favorite orange shades of Easter egg with this method are Celosia orange, a beautiful deep rich orange color, or it's slightly different but festive alternative Orange sunset. Both can be achieved with drops of food coloring in white vinegar. Celosia orange takes 18 drops of yellow and 8 drops of red food coloring to achieve and the amount of time/darkness is up to you. For Orange Sunset you need 17 drops of yellow and 5 drops of red. 

If you're looking for green then green apple or the even brighter neon green are where it's at! For Neon green simply use 10 drops of green food coloring from McCormicks neon selection and for green apple use 20 drops of green and 2 drops of blue from the neon colors kit. 

You can leave the eggs to soak in white vinegar until they reach the desired color or if you'd like to make some orange and green combo eggs try filling a bowl with shaving cream and dripping dots of green and orange coloring over the top and swirling it to create a pattern before rolling the eggs in your colorful mixture. Once covered in saving cream you can sit them aside to soak up the color before wiping the shaving cream off and Ta-DA! tye-dyed eggs!

Natural Easter dying methods.

Anyone who's wanting to forgo the food coloring this year don't worry we have you covered too. 

Each dye color requires the same process—you just need to substitute the final ingredient to change the color.

Bring 1/4 water, 1 tablespoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of the respective fruit, vegetable, or spice (to create the color) to a boil.

For green eggs you can use parsley, spinach, matcha tea or a combination of turmeric and red cabbage. 

For orange eggs you can use onion skins, paprika, chili powder, or if using brown eggs turmeric. 

However you choose to decorate or celebrate. We at SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth wish you a hopping good time today. 

Flood Warning VS Flood Watch

4/19/2019 (Permalink)


Do you know the difference between a flood watch and a flood warning? SERVPRO of East Fort Worth wants you to be prepared in case of severe weather and know what to do if flooding occurs at your Fort Worth home or business. 

A warning means “Take Action Now!” and if advised to evacuate, do so immediately.

  • Flash Flood Warning: Take Action! A Flash Flood Warning is issued when a flash flood is imminent or occurring. If you are in a flood prone area move immediately to high ground. A flash flood is a sudden violent flood that can take from minutes to hours to develop. It is even possible to experience a flash flood in areas not immediately receiving rain.

  • Flood Warning: Take Action! A Flood Warning is issued when the hazardous weather event is imminent or already happening. A Flood Warning is issued when flooding is imminent or occurring.

A watch means “Be Prepared” because flooding is possible within your area. 

  • Flood Watch: Be Prepared:A Flood Watch is issued when conditions are favorable for a specific hazardous weather event to occur. A Flood Watch is issued when conditions are favorable for flooding. It does not mean flooding will occur, but it is possible.

  • Flood Advisory: Be Aware: An Flood Advisory is issued when a specific weather event that is forecast to occur may become a nuisance. A Flood Advisory is issued when flooding is not expected to be bad enough to issue a warning. However, it may cause significant inconvenience, and if caution is not exercised, it could lead to situations that may threaten life and/or property.

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saving your carpet after a flooding issue

4/14/2019 (Permalink)

If a pipe breaks, tub overflows, or dishwasher leaks in your Fort Worth property, water can quickly spread throughout your home. Whenever moisture gets into a structure, the carpet can get damaged. Carpet fibers are porous so water can soak into the material and hold moisture. If carpeting gets saturated, glues can weaken causing the backing to peel away from the fibers. 

Carpet can also hold in moisture causing microbes to develop on the surface of the sub-floor underneath. When mitigating water damage, our SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth technicians take extra measures to save carpeting materials. When the padding underneath the carpet gets wet, it can disintegrate and fall apart. Pad often gets removed and replaced since it is rather inexpensive to install. 

The first step in removing moisture from carpet is to extract it using specialized equipment. Either a portable or truck-mounted extractor is used to pull water into a tank, or heavy-duty weighted extraction tools get used to suck up the moisture if the carpet has a high level of saturation. Weighted extraction tools use the weight of the operator that stands on top of the unit and rides it across the carpet compressing the carpet allowing more moisture to get pulled out. 

After water extraction is completed, drying equipment will be set up to dry out the carpet inside your home. Air movers push air in a circular motion speeding up the evaporation process. Dehumidifiers then get utilized to pull moisture out of the environment and lower the building's relative humidity. 

In some cases, the carpet gets extremely wet and the sub-floor underneath is also affected by moisture. In cases like this, our SERVPRO technicians pull up the carpet and place an air mover underneath it to float the flooring material drying the floor covering from underneath while drying the sub-floor at the same time. Once moisture levels in both affected elements return to what they were before the loss occurred, the air movers are removed. 

Before we finalize the project we use carpet tools to put the material back into place like it was before drying procedures took place. The last step is cleaning the carpet with disinfectant.

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