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Does your Fort Worth business need board up services?

4/10/2019 (Permalink)

Emergency Board Up Services

If your home or business was affected by storm or fire damage that results in an opening in your building you may be in need of emergency board up services. Any opening in the structure needs to be properly boarded up to protect the building from weather and illegal entry. Your insurance policy also requires you to be proactive on protecting your home or business after any type of damage has occurred, otherwise the insurance company could account any further/secondary damage to the structure as negligence.

Not every situation requires the most extensive board up that the U.S Fire Administration has in their board up procedure manual, such as after a fire where the entire home is destroyed and is considered a complete loss. While each emergency board up is different, SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth is here to help.   

Let’s take a look at how to properly board up a structure after damage has caused an opening in the building.

Determining How Much Protection Is Needed

  1. Openings in the basement, first floor doors, windows and any point of entry accessible from a porch, fire escape or other potential climbing point require additional security measures. These openings should be barricaded with plywood, 2x4s, bolts and nails.
  2. Openings that are at least 10′ from ground level which are not accessible from a porch, fire escape, roof, or other climbing point can be secured with nails in each brace, and every 12″ around the perimeter. For these openings the plywood should be fitted so that it rests snugly against the exterior frame, butting up to the siding on wood frame buildings and up to the brickwork on brick buildings. It may be necessary to remove the staff bead so this fit can be flush and tight.

Boarding Up

  1. Cut plywood to fit over the window and door openings, flush with outside of the molding. Note: For buildings with metal door and window frames the alternative is to cut the plywood and 2x4s to fit the inside of the door frame buffed up against the band molding.
  2. Cut the 2x4s to fit the horizontal dimension of the plywood. You will need two 2×4 exterior and two interior braces for each window and three sets for each door. Note: For buildings with metal doors and window frames the 2x4s for the outside will be cut to the dimensions of the plywood, fitting inside the door frame, against the band molding. For the inside the 2x4s will be cut to the outside dimension of the door or window frame.
  3. Pre drill 3/8th inch holes in the plywood and the braces.
  4. The holes will be placed approximately 1/3 of the length of the brace from each outside edge of the door and window jam.
  5. The two window braces will be placed 1/3 of the distance from the top and the bottom of the window.
  6. The three door braces will be placed; one in the center of the doorway, and one half the distance from the center to the top and to the bottom of the doorway.
  7. Place the plywood over the exterior opening and nail to the frame. Note: For metal frames place the plywood and braces inside the frame against the band molding.
  8. Place the 2×4 braces over the interior and exterior of the door or window.
  9. Place the large washer over the carriage bolt and place the bolt through the holes.
  10. Place washer and nut inside and tighten securely. Torque the nut so that it slightly compresses the interior 2×4.

Need Emergency Board Up Services? Contact SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth today to schedule an appointment. 817-293-5553

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When was the last time you had your Fort Worth businesses ducts cleaned?

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Using a HEPA filter on your HVAC system can keep pollutants from building up within your home. #SERVPRO

Spring cleaning usually makes you think of cleaning your home, but what about your business? Your HVAC system needs routine maintenance to continue running without issue as the summer months approach and we begin turning on the a/c more. In addition to normal accumulations of dust and dirt found in all homes and businesses with air ducts, there are several other factors that can increase the need for regular HVAC system cleaning:

  • pets
  • occupants with allergies or asthma
  • cigarette or cigar smoke
  • water contamination or damage to the home or HVAC system
  • home renovation or remodeling projects

Some occupants are also more sensitive to these contaminants than others. Allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as young children and the elderly tend to be more susceptible to the types of poor indoor air quality that air duct cleaning can help address.

5 Benefits to Cleaning Your Air Ducts

  • Save Money. Removal of dust and debris from the coils of the air duct greatly reduces energy consumption rate. ...
  • Improve Health. The air quality of the business or home is usually important in terms of the internal air conditions. ...
  • Aid System Durability. ...
  • Reduced Allergens. ...
  • Eliminate odors.

SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth's cleaning process

Our SERVPRO technicians will start the duct cleaning process by using a patented piece of equipment called a roto-scraper.  This device automatically adapts to the shape of your ducts and their diameter while traveling through, removing all the debris and filth in the duct before the vacuuming begins. 

The next step in the process is for a powerful push-pull air delivery and collection system to transfer the debris from the ducting to a 16-gallon container.

The air is then filtered through a HEPA filtration system, removing 99.97% of the particles that were in the air stream.  HEPA filters capture the debris and keep the indoor environment clean.

There is an optional process of a sealant or coating product that may be sprayed to address odor or microbial concerns as well.

Lastly, all filters will either be cleaned or replaced to remove odor and dirt.

Need Professional Cleaning? Call Today(817) 293-5553

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Spring clean your office and business

3/31/2019 (Permalink)

Springtime normally inspires us to clean out the clutter, homes, garage and shed are usually purged of those old unneeded items as we make room for new things like outdoor equipment and begin pulling out the things we haven't used most of the winter like the lawn mower. But what about your office? Often work is seen as something separate and can often become stagnant. Papers pile up on desks, inboxes get full, dust settles.

This spring SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth wants to remind you that having a clean and organized office space is just as important. Getting rid of those piles of old papers, creating a new system to stay organized and removing the clutter can help make your business and workload more efficient and easier to handle.

Here are some tips to help get you started

1. Gather and redistribute

Gather up every item that isn’t where it belongs and put it where it does.

2. Clear off your desk

Remove everything, clean it thoroughly and put back only those items that are essential for daily use.

3. Organize your desktop

Now that you’ve streamlined your desktop, it’s a good idea to organize it.

Use desktop organizers or containers to organize the items on your desk. Use trays for papers, containers for smaller items.

4. Organize your drawers

Put items used together in the same drawer space, stamps with envelopes, sticky pads with notepads, etc.

Use drawer organizers for little items – paper clips, tacks, etc. Use a separate drawer for personal items.

5. Close proximity

Position the equipment and supplies that you use most within reach. Things that you rarely use can be stored or put away.

6. Sort mails

Don’t just stick mail in a pile to be sorted or rifle through and take out the pieces you need right now and toss the junk before it begins to pile up. Sort it as soon as you get it – To act, To read, To file, To delegate or hand off.

7. Assign discard dates

You don’t need to keep every piece of paper indefinitely. Mark on files or documents when they can be tossed or shredded.

Some legal or financial documents must be kept for specified length of time. Make sure you know what those requirements are.

8. Filter your emails too

Some emails are important to read, others are just not that important.

When you use the filter system to label different types of emails, you know their priority and which to reply first.

9. Consider going digital

How much of the paperwork that you have could be scanned and saved?You may be able to eliminate some of the files and folders you’ve used in the past my scanning and uploading them to your computer. Make sure you are doing regular back-ups.

10. Straighten your desk

At the end of the day, do a quick straighten, so you have a clean start the next day.

Now that you've de-cluttered and organized your space you may notice the dirt and dust left behind where you've moved your desk from or the path you take to talk to and from your office might look a bit more dirty then others. Let SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth take it from here, cleaning the carpets and furniture in your office and business to make it all look fresh and new again.

Ceiling and wall cleaning should be also be part of the cleaning maintenance of your home or business. If you're thinking about adding a fresh coat of paint to your office to help freshen it up after you've reorganized you should also clean walls before painting so that the primer and paint can adhere properly. Whether you are preparing to paint or just looking for professional cleaning, SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth can help.

Need Professional Cleaning? Call Today(817) 293-5553

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Commercial Water Damage

3/26/2019 (Permalink)

#Every hour spent cleaning #water #damage from your place of business is an hour lost of productivity. We offer fast, 24 hour #emergency services, 365

Your Fort Worth business has been effected by flooding, or water damage caused by a leak or sprinkler system going off, now what? SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth is "Here to Help" 

 Our crews are highly trained and IICRC certified to help extract the water and help get your office back in working order. That doesn't mean just the carpet and walls though. Here at SERVPRO we know time is of serious importance, every day your office or business is closed and costs you more in the long run.

 We offer several services to help try and minimize as much damage as possible and help you get your businesses doors back open. 

Here are some of the services we provide to help get your business back to preloss condition.

Electronic Cleanup

Water-damaged electronics can present a serious hazard. Do not attempt to turn on or operate any electrical device that you suspect has been damaged by water. We will coordinate the restoration of your electronics, including:

  • Television sets
  • DVD players
  • Computers
  • And more

The key to restoring electronics is taking prompt action to prevent further damage. We start by cleaning the exterior of electronic devices to help stop further corrosion and damage. Electronics will be cleaned and inspected by a qualified electronics technician.

Document / Photograph Drying

When your valuable documents are damaged by water, extreme caution should be taken to help ensure the water damage does not destroy the document. Although some documents may not be restored to pre-water damage condition, SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth can save a great deal and help minimize additional damage. 

Depending on the type of documents and the level of water damage, we have five options for the restoration of documents:

  • Air Drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Freezer Drying
  • Vacuum Freeze Drying
  • Vacuum Thermal Drying

Contents Claim Inventory Service

 Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) provides a detailed and accurate list of your belongings. We take a room-by-room inventory of your contents, including digital photos, and in some instances, bar coding.

Our Contents Claim Inventory Service:

  • Pre-loss list and value of contents
  • Detailed and accurate report
  • Better information to settle claims quicker
  • Assistance with burden of proof for claims
  • Peace of mind when you need it most

Have Commercial Water Damage?
Call Us Today(817) 293-5553

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Preparing your Fort Worth business for storm season

3/12/2019 (Permalink)

While we still have the occasional chilly day, it seems that spring has finally arrived on Texas and with it storm season. The rain and wind has been blowing in and homeowners are preparing for high winds, hail and possible water damage if either causes damage to their property. But what about your business? Doesn't it need preparing too? Well SERVPRO of East Fort Worth is hear to help with some tips and tricks to be storm (and possibly tornado) ready this spring.

Include shelter-in-place information in your EAP –Knowing when and where to take shelter during a tornado is a crucial part of emergency preparedness and is something that ALL of your employees should be familiar with. A basement is the best possible place to be during a tornado. However if your building does not have a basement, you should make sure all employees go to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor with no windows.

Implement an emergency notification system – Despite most likely having sirens in your area tornadoes often occur with little to no warning, because of this, many people find themselves ill prepared for a tornado with little time to take shelter. By using an emergency notification system like Disaster Alert(IPhone) or Natural Disaster Monitor (android) employees can be made more aware of severe weather in their area and the app can alert them of the tornado so they can seek shelter immediately.

Have a work from home policy –Within minutes a tornado can destroy everything in its path. This includes not only property, homes and businesses, but it can also disrupt business operations for extended periods of time. In order to ensure not all operations come to a stand-still, it is in good practice to implement a work from home policy if it makes sense for your business. This allows employees to continue working, even if they are unable to make it to the office.

Include training in your plans –If employees are not familiar with how to use emergency plans, they become essentially useless. Make sure that all employees have been adequately trained on how to respond to a tornado to avoid confusion and future injury while looking for shelter.

Have Storm or Flood Damage?
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Is Your Office Building Really Clean?

10/3/2018 (Permalink)

Did you know? We offer Carpets Upholstery Cleaning! Even the highest-quality items can show soiling over time. Protect your investment by calling us!

Even with general maintenance carpet and tile floors begin to show wear and dirt over time, especially in high traffic areas.When the dirt, odor, and moisture challenges go beyond the scope of your regular janitorial staff, give SERVPRO a call, our skilled professionals can make your office shine.

Whether it’s removing an odor problem or deep cleaning flooring or carpets, you can rely on us to make your work space look its very best.No commercial project is too big, because we have access to the resources of a nationwide network of 1,700 Franchises.

Here at SERVPRO Of East Fort Worth we specialize in total commercial cleaning and maintenance. Below is a list of the service we offer.


  • Showcase
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Rotary Drying
  • Rotary Jet Extraction
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Pre-conditioner & Rinse

Other Services Available for Carpet:

  • Maintenance program
  • Deodorization
  • Installation & Relaying
  • Dyeing
  • Stain Removal
  • Water Extraction/Drying
  • Repair
  • Warranty Inspections

Tropical Treatments for Carpets

  • Soil Protectants
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Anti-Static
  • Fire Retardants


  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Foam/Shampoo
  • Hand Dry Clean
  • Showcase
  • Machine Dry Clean
  • Dry/Wet/Dry

Floor Maintenance Systems

  • Stripping
  • Sealing
  • Finishing

Surfaces Cleaned and Maintained

  • Concrete
  • Ceramic
  • Vinyl
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo
  • Brick
  • Asphalt
  • Stone
  • hardwood
  • Rubber
  • Cork
  • Adobe

Other Services Available:

  • Maintenance Programs
  • High-speed Maintenance Programs
  • Disinfection
  • Deodorization
  • Pressure Washing
  • Degreasing

Draperies (dry or wet clean)

  • On location cleaning (without removal)
  • Take down/rehang
  • Mildew Treatment
  • Fire Retardant

Walls, Ceilings & Hard Surface Cleaning

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Metal Polishing
  • Light Foam Cleaning
  • Preparation for Painting
  • Interior Window Cleaning

Types of Surfaces Cleaned:

  • Wood Furniture
  • Washable Wallpaper
  • Grass/ Cork Wall covering
  • Fireplace Brick
  • Wood Paneling
  • Cabinets/ Countertops
  • Vent Hoods
  • Masonry (interior/exterior)
  • Painted Walls
  • Flocked Wallpaper
  • Acoustical Ceiling Tile
  • Ceramic Tile/Grout
  • Windows/ Glass
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Fixtures
  • Metal Fixtures

Other Services Available for Walls, Ceilings, & Hard Surfaces

  • Semi-refinishing
  • Restore
  • Deodorize
  • Polish
  • Degrease
  • Fire Retardant

Duct System Services

  • Cleaning
  • Sealing
  • Sanitization
  • Clean Rooms
  • Interior Windows

Fire, Smoke and Vandalism Cleanup & Restoration

  • Structure
  • Complete Cleanup & Restoration
  • Subcontract Services
  • Contents

Commercial Contents Cleaning

  • Clean
  • Disinfect
  • Appliances Cleaning
  • Deodorize
  • Ultra-sound

Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration

  • 24-hour Extraction and Removal
  • Drying Services
  • Anti-Microbial Treatments
  • Dehumidification

Deodorization Services

  • Thermal Fogging
  • U.L.V. Source Removal
  • Activated Oxygen

Call our office today to schedule your appointment!    SERVPRO of East Ft. Worth               

(817) 293-5553       

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Improving Indoor Air Quality at Your Business

4/16/2018 (Permalink)

We can help you improve the indoor air quality of your office.

Most people spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. Much of that time, for adults, is spent in an office, or warehouse, environment. Indoor air quality can contribute to the health and comfort of your employees, customers, and all who visit your place of business.

Why Does Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Matter?

Many studies suggest that the level of pollutants indoors often surpasses the pollutants outdoors. Poor IAQ can potentially impact the health and wellbeing of your employees.

According to OSHA, the following symptoms have been linked to poor IAQ:

  • Nose, lung, throat, and eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration difficulty

OSHA also claims that specific air contaminants have been linked with varying ailments. Irritants and damp indoor environments may worsen or lead to various conditions.

After examining the potential symptoms of poor indoor air quality, it’s no surprise that good IAQ has been linked to higher productivity and fewer lost work days according to an EPA Report to Congress from 1989. Happy, healthy workers tend to take fewer days off and accomplish more in the workplace.

What Affects Indoor Air Quality?

Fixing indoor air quality is not as simple of a fix as changing a pipe or washing a window. Several independent factors, both indoors and out, can contribute to poor IAQ.

Potential factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Outdoor pollutants such as smoke, smog, etc.
  • Poor ventilation and/or insulation
  • Inadequate moisture and humidity control
  • Untreated smoke damage
  • Spilt chemicals and leaking gases
  • Dust, dirt, and animal dander
  • Fungi, pollen, and other biological matter
  • Tobacco 

What Can SERVPRO of East fort Worth do?

As mentioned before, many factors can impact IAQ. Fortunately, we offer comprehensive services that tackle many of these factors. At SERVPRO of East Fort Worth, we offer inspections with recommendations for the best course of action to leave your office with cleaner air.

HVAC Systems

Without regular attention, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can spread contaminants around your office. We offer regular inspections and cleanings so your office enjoys cleaner air and longer-lasting HVAC systems.

Mold Remediation

Mold, especially if left untreated long term, may pose health risks to your employees according to the EPA. Mold spores can travel through the air, impacting the IAQ and spreading the mold throughout the building. We have the training, equipment, and experience necessary to contain the mold, restore your property, and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Fire and Smoke Damage

Walls, carpets, and even furniture can carry smoke and soot long after the fire is put out, which can impact your IAQ. If your property experiences a fire, we can handle the damage both big and small. We can also make sure your building, and its contents, are properly cleaned.

Water Damage

No matter whether the water damage was caused by a leaky roof, a broken pipe, or a flooded basement, moisture and humidity may lead to poor IAQ, along with other significant problems. We can help to identify the source of the problem and fix any damage that may have occurred.

We also offer commercial cleaning services that go above and beyond typical janitorial or maid services. Regular cleaning can help combat potential air pollutants like dust, dirt, pollen, etc.

Cleaner air can lead to a healthier and more productive workforce. It also can improve your clients’ and visitors’ experiences with your company. If your company could benefit from any of our services, please call SERVPRO of East fort Worth at 817-293-5553.

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Commercial Water Damage

4/16/2018 (Permalink)

Local dental office suffers flooding after a pipe burst in their building.

Restoring Your Fort Worth Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

Flooding and water damage events at Fort Worth commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call at (817) 293-5553 and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of East Fort Worth 

SERVPRO of East Fort Worth specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

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Commercial Property Water Loss and Extraction

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Property Water Loss and Extraction

Water is the single most long-term destructive substance in the indoor environment. It can dissolve or weaken building materials, damage floors and ceilings, and can also cause microbial growth if you don’t fix water damage quickly and professionally.

The faster the water is extracted the less damage to the building structure and contents.

The first thing to do if you are dealing with water damage at your place of business is to remove the water immediately. The faster the water is extracted the less damage to the building structure and contents. In situations, this is not enough. Standing water from carpet, flooring and walls can cause permanent damage if not taken care of in a timely manner

Extracting water in commercial buildings or properties, is a very important part of any large water loss. Fire sprinklers, used to stop fire from spreading, can leave you with wet and soggy office spaces. 

Water extraction is used to assist in the prevention of microbial growth from expanding and growing. Extraction of water is also needed to keep floors from buckling. The dehumidifiers and air movers will be placed by the technicians in the necessary areas of the building.

A SERVPRO manager will walk the property with the owner/manager and adjuster explaining the process and to answer any questions they may have about removal of property, items and demo.

At SERVPRO of East Fort Worth we are here for your water and fire needs 24 hours day seven days a week. Call us at 817-293-5553

Helping to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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How fires can damage retail stock in your Fort Worth, Texas business

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Sprinklers help to save a business from many larger fires, but they also have the unfortunate consequence of adding additional damage to a situation.

How Retail Stock Can Be Damaged By Fires

When picturing a fire, most people think only of the flames themselves. However, in a real fire, open flames are often among the least of your concerns. Fires are multifaceted disasters that can cause damage in multiple ways, especially in retail merchandise. Between ash, smoke, burns, and water damage, fires can damage almost any type of merchandise. SERVPRO of East Fort Worth can clean and restore many of these, but understanding what might happen to your stock during a fire is important for calculating financial loss and extra shipments. 
Burned Goods 
The most obvious damage for fires in retail locations is through direct burns. Flammable items may catch fire, in most cases becoming unsalvageable, and other goods may be exposed to flames that partially or fully destroy them. We're able to restore some of the damage caused by direct burns, such as some discoloration or warping in items, but many victims of this type of damage are irrecoverable. 

Water Damage from Sprinklers 
Sprinklers help to save a business from many larger fires, but they also have the unfortunate consequence of adding additional damage to a situation. Water can damage most unsealed goods, and whether or not they will need replacing depends entirely on how much water is sprayed and what types of items are affected. 
Ash is a tricky substance, as it can work its way into deep recesses and mix with water to become a harmful sludge. Ash is particularly bad for electronics and food items, but thankfully, its effects can usually be mitigated by SERVPRO of East Fort Worth.

Smoke has the highest potential to damage fabrics and clothing, but can hurt other types of merchandise as well. We have many different methods of treating smoke damage, be it on an individual item or rooms at a time. Smoke is usually a more serious problem for the building itself than any merchandise. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of East Fort Worth is a locally-owned company with industrial-grade equipment and training capable of handling even the most serious retail fire restorations. Call us 24/7 at (817) 293-5553

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Does Your Fort Worth Business Have a Plan?

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

flooding at a local school

How quickly your company can get back to business after a hurricane, fire, or flood often depends on the emergency planning done beforehand. The regular occurrence of natural disaster demonstrates the importance of being prepared for any emergency. 50% of businesses never reopen following a disaster. While each situation is unique, your organization can be better prepared if you plan carefully, put emergency procedures in place and practice for all kinds of emergencies. The following are basic measures business owners and managers can take to begin preparing.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan

Begin by identifying operations that are critical to survival and recovery. Then carefully assess your internal and external functions to determine which staff, material, procedures, and equipment are absolutely essential to keep the business operating.

Review Insurance Coverage

Understand what your policy does and does not cover. Check with your provider about things such as, physical losses, flood coverage, and business interruption. Inadequate coverage can lead to major financial loss.

Prepare Your Emergency Plan

Communication with your employees is central before, during, and after a disaster. Be sure to share emergency information with your staff.

Practice the Emergency Plan

The ability to evacuate workers and customers effectively can save lives. Establish evacuation producers and ensure your staff knows the route.

Secure Your Facility and Equipment

Install exit signs, fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms and detectors in appropriate areas.

Improve Cyber Security

By using anti-virus software, firewalls, and secure passwords, this will better protect your business’s data and information

Locally Owned, with National Resources

SERVPRO of East Fort Worth is locally owned and operated so we are part of the Fort Worth community. When you have a fire, flooding or water emergency, we’re already nearby and ready to help.

As fire and water damage specialists, we have the experience, the expertise, and the advanced training that enables us to get your property restored quickly and thoroughly.  Please call (817) 293-5553

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