Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Toyota of South Dallas

Did you know we serviced cars too?! 

Sometimes a car wash and detailing just isn't enough, times like that dealerships often call in SERVPRO of East Fort Worth to make sure their cars are brand new inside and out. This car had issues with moisture getting inside and causing mold to grow on the interior. It was taken apart and the mold was re-mediated, no inch of the car left unchecked. Carpet, filters, ducts, even the windows were cleaned. 

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molded carpet and furniture in Grandbury

A refrigerator leak in this Grandbury home turned into surprise problems later on. Water crept through the wall behind the appliance effecting the wall, cabinet and carpet in the room directly behind it.  

Mold from ice maker leak

An Ice maker leaked causing damage inside the walls of a local home. SERVPRO of East Fort Worth came to help demo the effected walls and get the home ready for remodel. 

Steam causes Mold through home

Lack of ventilation caused trapped steam from bathrooms to accumulate and create the perfect environment for mold in this local home, it had spread across walls, ceilings and onto surfaces leaving this house at risk. 

Mold covered house in Grapevine

Customers came home from vacation to a terrible surprise. Finding that their bathroom had leaked spreading water through their house and caused serious mold damage on all their belongings, walls and furniture.